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Indicator Description Source
Regulatory Enforcement This measures the extent to which regulations are fairly and effectively implemented and enforced. World Justice Project - Rule of Law Index, 2020
Status Of Malabo Convention Implementation This indicator shows the various status of the African countries that have signed or ractified the AU convection at Malabo on Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection - which tends to set out essential rules for establishing a credible digital environment (cyber space) and address the gaps affecting the regulation and legal recognition of electronic communications and electronic signature. AU
Cyber Crime This indicator shows the existance of legislation on laws related to computer crimes, internet crimes, information crimes, communications crimes, and technology crimes among various african economies. UNCTAD
Consumer Protection Law This indicates countrie that have laws that promotes practice of safeguarding buyers of goods and services, and the public, against unfair practices in the the business environment. UNCTAD
Electronic Transaction Regulation This indicates the presences of laws that recognize the legal equivalence between paper-based and electronic forms of exchange in the african economy. UNCTAD
Privacy and Data Protection This indicates the presences of legislative that governs who has access to data and provides tools and policies to actually restrict access to the data. UNCTAD
Institution This shows the presence of data governance institutions in Africa countries. World Legal Information Institute
GOVT Effectiveness This indicator measures the quality of public services, the quality of policy formulation and implementation, and the credibility of the government’s commitment to its stated policies. Worldwide Governance Indicator
Regulatory Qaulity This captures perceptions of the ability of the government to formulate and implement sound policies and regulations that permit and promote private sector development.  Worldwide Governance Indicator
Cross-border Data Flow Restrictions This measures the presence of restriction of movement of data across borders. Adewuyiwa and Adeniran (2020)