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About Us

Leading Cyber Security Expert!
The purpose of Cyber Protection Services or CPS is to deliver value to our clients by providing Safety, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity and Security of their digital assets. CPS will do this by accurately understanding our client's priorities and leveraging best in class technology partnerships to solve them consistently and cost effectively.
We believe Security is freedom from, or resilience against potential harm – which can come from a multitude of threats arising from lack of awareness, improper application, utilization and maintenance of digital technologies.
We help you mitigate these risks, end to end, through strategy, solutions design, technology selection and integration, implementation and support/maintenance.
Established in 2014, Cyber Protect has helped numerous customers in the private and public sector achieve optimal performance using digital technologies. We leverage major global partnerships and local skills and understanding to deliver appropriate solutions.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission at CYBER PROTECTION SERVICES LIMITED (Cyber Protect) is to help protect your interests and assets in the digital age. We are your trusted Value-Add Reseller (VAR), Solutions Providers and System Integrators - with a bias for security

  • Our Vision

    With a vision of being the leading value added Cyber Security Provider in the African market.In addition, we build our solutions around your needs and their flexibility and comprehensiveness help accelerate the development of your e-business and online marketplace, while simplifying deployment andoperations.

  • Why Choose Us?

    Our state-of-the-art Solutions, systems and components afford your organization the most robust cyber security. Whether you choose our complete turnkey solutions or stand-alone products and services, we’re committed to serving your needs today and for years to come. Regardless of whether large corporation or a small start up, we’ll help you through the network design, network component choices and on-going support of your cyber space.


As the world becomes more connected and networks continue to evolve, securing IT environments is becoming more complex than it once was. We are now facing Gen V (5th Generation) of cyber-attacks, large scale attacks that quickly spread and move across attack vectors and industries. Gen V attacks are more sophisticated than ever, crossing mobile, cloud and networks, and bypassing conventional defenses that are based on detection.

Separate IT environments often drive businesses to apply different point solutions, many of which are focused on detection and mitigation rather than prevention. This reactive approach to cyber-attacks is costly and ineffective, complicates security operations and creates inherent gaps in security posture, leaving you unprotected from sophisticated Gen V attacks. It’s time to step up to Gen V of cyber security, with the architecture that truly protects your entire IT infrastructure.